Introduction to CESWP

CESWP is a web application where Space Physicists can store, share and execute their science models. For our purposes a model is a program that simulates a physical process occurring in space, example: the shape of the earth's magnetic field as it is hit by a coronal mass ejection.

A researcher can store her program at the CESWP online site. Along with her software she records some metadata, in particular:

Another CESWP user can then use the site to find that program and request it be run. CESWP presents the model's default parameters to the user (which he typically edits) and the user tells CESWP to launch the program. The model runs within CESWP on an OpenStack cloud. The models typically run for hours or days. When a model finishes, CESWP emails the user who can return to CESWP to access the files to which the model wrote its results.

If you a Space Science researcher and want to learn more about or use CESWP please contact us at this email address.

For the record, CESWP stands for Cloud-Enabled Space Weather Modelling and Data Assimilation Platform. CESWP was conceived by Dr Robert Rankin. CESWP development was funded by CANARIE, guided by Dr Rankin and managed by Cybera. It is hosted at the Department of Physics at the University of Alberta.

CESWP is a sister project of CSSDP, the Canadian Space Science Data Portal.